What Do I Do? - Allen Vaysberg
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What Do I Do

People come to me for a variety of reasons but mostly because they feel that something is missing from their lives.  Some lack fulfillment and direction and realize they aren’t living their purpose but aren’t sure what it is.  Some are stressed out and unhealthy and wish to get their lives back on track by reducing stress, losing weight and becoming more balanced.  Others may have spent years building a career that no longer reflects who they are and feel stuck.  There are also those who come because they feel out of love (single or in a relationship).  I work with entrepreneurs to launch or help their businesses.  And I work with those who are awakening to Spirit and seek guidance.

I am a Coach, Guide, and Trainer.  I also write and speak on all the topics above and more.  I put together programs which allow my clients to marry mainstream with esoteric and apply it in real life.  I am a person who has been told many times to pick a lane because people don’t know exactly what I do.  And I respectfully but unabashedly refuse.  I, like you, am multifaceted and will not limit myself.  Those who work with me understand the fact that my purpose is to serve them to the best of all of my abilities and appreciate it.  My goal is to meet you where you are, help you Recalibrate Your Life and give you the tools and knowledge in order to continue living it in joy!