Who's the Master? - Allen Vaysberg
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Who’s the Master?

Who’s the Master?

The scene from “The Last Dragon” came to mind this weekend as the shock of hearing Deepak Chopra’s years of scientific research confirm my own findings on how to be healthy started to wear off.  In the scene “Bruce Leroy” was asked by Sho’nuff repeatedly “Who is the Master?” until finally Leroy understood that his search to find one leads him to himself. 

Deepak’s 2 hour speech about the Universe was just what the “doctor ordered” for me personally.  It knocked down a number of barriers I put up while expanding my own understanding of consciousness.  That being said, the biggest revelation was to remind me that I am the Master!  My own intuition and awareness painted a clear picture of what it takes to be healthy by allowing me to reflect on my experiences on vacation.  All I did was listen to that inner voice.

We often fear our own voice and shut it down in favor of someone else’s perception.  In truth, all Universal knowledge does exist within each of us.  It is readily available upon request; all it takes is belief, openness and practice.  Thus next time you doubt yourself please say – “I AM the Master!”

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