Who Am I? - Allen Vaysberg
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Who Am I?

Gone are the days when fear has ruled my life
I’ve broken through the walls I lived within
My mind’s no longer filled with constant strife
And I am nearly ready to begin

I’m standing on the doorsteps of the “Now”
Dismissing pulls of past and future talk
Ignoring Ego’s stabs to make me bow
Ready to knock, and finally walk the walk.
  • Born in the USSR and came to US at 14 with my parents and 300 dollars in our pockets in 1989 to make a better life
  • Made a better life and by mid-2012 seemingly had it all with a multi-million dollar per year (revenue not profit) IT consulting business, loving wife, great kids, big house, new cars and all debts paid off
  • Quit my multi-million dollar per year business (I spell that out again for all the people who won’t let me forget it) at the end of 2012 because I wasn’t fulfilled and knew I wasn’t living my essence

Figured out what my essence actually meant and had the most incredible, amazing, trying, frustrating and fulfilling 2 years, during which I:

  • Published my first book “Inspirer, poetic observations” which topped Amazon’s best-seller list in 2 categories
  • Finished Second City’s Improv program and landed a supporting role in a feature film “Church’N’State” as Dr. Saunders
  • Flexed my intuitive muscles by studying with Lisa Williams (Mama Bear you rock!), Doreen Virtue and many others & learned I actually can talk to “dead people”, channel, communicate with Angels, etc.
  • Became an internationally syndicated Radio Talk Show host of “School of Human Potential Radio”
  • Got beat up repeatedly by one of the top martial arts instructors in the world – Grandmaster Mikhail Kogan (and consequently earned my black belt)
  • Created the SEAMLESS Method

Random Facts:

  • Still have a loving, incredibly understating and patient wife & 2 amazing children
  • Member of the Jr. Ukrainian National Volleyball team
  • Writing rhyming poetry since age 7
  • Love Last Week Tonight, Suits, Silicon Valley and Veep
  • At one point could serve over 120 mph with a tennis racquet
  • Did (stress the did part) splits like Jean Claude Van Damme between the chairs
  • Love sports with Chicago CUBS being my favorite team
  • Honestly want everyone to be happy doing what they love