The Universe is here to help! by Allen Vaysberg - Allen Vaysberg
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The Universe is here to help! by Allen Vaysberg

The Universe is here to help! by Allen Vaysberg

Allen Vaysberg, Inspirational Speaker, Motivational Speaker

Allen Vaysberg, Inspirational Speaker, Motivational Speaker

When fate says “Hi”, what do you do?
Is “run and hide” the choice for you?
Or are you willing to accept
The change in order to adapt?

These are the choices that we make
The chances are but yours to take
For Universe will show the way
It’s up to you to seize the day

We often wish upon the stars
Protected ‘cause they seem so far
We want the wishes to come true
But they won’t work unless we do

The Universe’s not there to please
But it is also not a tease
It will provide the tools you need
In order for you to succeed

But you are here to work things through
Instead of giving stuff to you
The Universe will just allow
For seeds to grow beneath your plow

You’re the Creator and the mule
Intention is indeed the fuel
But fuel without the car’s just gas
And that’s what’s needed here to grasp.

When Universe creates your fate
Grab onto it and do not wait
Put forth the effort and the sweat
And then your future will be set.

Inspirational and Motivational speaker Allen Vaysberg is an internationally recognized thought leader, author, speaker and peak performance life strategist.  The creator of Recalibrate your Life and the School of Human Potential, Allen is an expert at taking  complex esoteric concepts concerning the spirit, mind and body and directing his clientele to use these highly effective tools to immediately apply them to real life situations promoting  outstanding business and powerful personal productivity.


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