The Mechanism of Spirit, Mind, Body - Allen Vaysberg
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The Mechanism of Spirit, Mind, Body

The Mechanism of Spirit, Mind, Body

The common notion of the Mind, Body, and Spirit is routinely used as the new age term signifying the connection between the physical and the spiritual. Not until recently did I realize how that connection is actually supposed to work. The placement of the words also needs to be adjusted. It is Spirit, Mind and then Body.

There is a deep programming network that exists between the above elements and if they are communicating well your life will be in perfect harmony. That means Health, Wealth and everything else will be as only imagined. Let’s focus, for instance, on health and how these bridges are supposed to function.

Your Spirit self (Higher Self) integrates into the oneness of the world and has access to all information about who you are, lives you’ve lived, plan for this manifestation, etc. In short, it has all the life contracts, events, optimal occurrences all laid out. From the health perspective it sends signals through its communication channel to the physical. We were given a mechanism to interpret these signals and translate them into easily digestible form specific to each one of us regardless of ability, intelligence, means, etc. That mechanism is called Mind.
Mind is the link between the spiritual and the physical. It is wired to be a distributor of information from the spiritual through its own mechanism to the human body. The Mind encapsulates or surrounds the body, controls the brain (its link to the physical) and is able to relate the complete picture back to the Spiritual. Because of that direct communication, The Mind is able to get not only the information sent from your Higher Self but also other beings outside of the human spectrum of comprehension (form) such as Angels, Extra-terrestrial beings, Spirit Guides, etc. etc. etc.

The Mind thus sends the messages to its own mechanism – the Human Brain. The Brain is the interpreter of Mind’s information and a disseminator of it to the human body. It even wires itself into all of our body via the neurological systems, veins and vessels, skeletal and muscular systems, etc. And the body, in turn, sends information about the health and function of the vessel of spirit back up the chain thus completing the circle. Spirit to Mind and Mind to Body.

That is how this intricate and beautiful process is set up and supposed to work. Its purpose is to allow your Spiritual self to experience itself fully through a Physical experience. The whole structure is there for it/you to achieve the goals set forth. When you are in the physical body, if the communication is proper throughout Spirit/Mind/Body connection the body develops and this integrated vessel of the 3 goes through the physical existence experiencing what it wants. When the communication interrupts we often think of ourselves as “cut off” meaning only noticing our physical body. In such cases much effort, time and energy is spent on trying to get the information flowing and being received again.

Sadly, most of us have the bridges of communication “closed”. They aren’t really closed but appear so metaphorically speaking. Partially that is because we aren’t aware of the paradigm, partially because we have changed the source of programming. Instead of following the signals sent from your all-knowing Higher Self or at the very least following the Mind’s lead as it gives us signs from our guides, we focus primarily in the physical. We are still programmed to be programmed but we outsource (put intended) to Society, Doctors, Parents, TV, books, etc. Your health as well as everything else is being dependent on who you allow to program you.

Therefore, restore the line of communication as it has been setup for you by means of meditation for instance and unplug the programming link from the outside world that tells you what or how you can accomplish. Keep in mind that while we would like to believe everyone that “programs” you has the best intentions that is not true. Most of them are just like you – without the link to the truth and are regurgitating limited information.

Thus allow yourself to go back to your original design where the flow of information between the Spirit, Mind and Body can function and experience the true wonder of your creation!

Allen Vaysberg is an intuitive recalibration expert, speaker, coach and author. Speaking on life purpose, career change, work-life balance and the recalibration process, he effortlessly weaves mainstream and mysterious into practical insight that readers can immediately apply to their lives.

This article was originally posted by OM Times Magazine. You can see it here

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