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Dog – a catalyst to a SEAMLESS life.

Growing up I always dreamed of having a dog. I begged my parents, I came up with contracts of how I will take care of it, I gave reasons for why it is so good for my overall development but always got shut down because it wasn’t the right time. My childhood dream eventually gave...

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The Universe is here to help! by Allen Vaysberg

[caption id="attachment_855" align="alignright" width="300"] Allen Vaysberg, Inspirational Speaker, Motivational Speaker[/caption] When fate says “Hi”, what do you do? Is “run and hide” the choice for you? Or are you willing to accept The change in order to adapt? These are the choices that we make The chances are but yours to take For Universe will show the way It’s up to you to...

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We are all ONE! by Allen Vaysberg

[caption id="attachment_851" align="alignright" width="199"] Allen Vaysberg, Inspirational Speaker, Motivational Speaker[/caption] A people, standing face to face, Interconnected human race So much alike, all breathe same air… And yet they act like no one’s there They’ll feel each other’s pain and sorrow When tragedy occurs tomorrow They will unite and they’ll pull through… Unless they disagree with you They’ll feed the hungry worlds apart They’ll open...

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Happiness is single-threaded by Allen Vaysberg

[caption id="attachment_854" align="alignleft" width="300"] Allen Vaysberg, Inspirational Speaker, Motivational Speaker[/caption] The modern world seems to be all about speed and power of processing.  The computer chips are getting faster and faster and able to multitask to no end.  Hyper-thread this, quad-core that.  We, as humans, also find ourselves caught in this game.  We are urging ourselves...

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