Speaking - Allen Vaysberg
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How I grew into a speaker:

I didn’t start out as a motivational speaker, I began my career as a corporate trainer.  Over the past 17 years I have had the privilege of delivering IT training all across US and Canada.  At last count I have taught over 4,000 professionals spanning most industries including Fortune 500 companies, Universities, as well as Federal and State governments.  Companies such as Abbott Laboratories, US Steel, Baxter, and A.J. Gallagher became my home away from home.

That experience had taught me a lot.  Leading a mixed group of adults 8 hours per day took a lot more than knowing the material.  To aid in this process, I came up with my own methodology for adult education called FACET (Fun Adaptive Collaborative Explorative Training) which enhanced the retention levels of the material and the class experience.

Furthermore, to be effective, I couldn’t just be an instructor, I had to be a performer.  I needed to explain, encourage, guide, inspire and entertain all at the same time while actively listening, resolving issues and remaining flexible.  My theatre, comedy and improvisational background all had an opportunity to flourish while I learned what it is like to be a speaker.  Those 17 years allowed me to become a seasoned professional and one of the premier business intelligence trainers in the US.

That expertise, combined with the last 3 years’ worth of a hundred radio interviews, coaching clients, leading groups, being a featured expert on tele-summits, and motivational speaking engagements make me the speaker I am today.

Types of Speaking Engagements
  • Keynote
  • Breakout sessions (30-90 minutes)
  • Workshops (2 hours – 2 days)

Career 180 – Successful career change without getting a divorce in the process

  • Step by step process to a mid-life career change focusing on key aspects of Past, Present and Future and utilizing the “You and T.O.M.” unique methodology to keep you on track


SEAMLESS Method – Ordinary Habits, Extraordinary Life

  • A holistic lifestyle modification program combining 8 essential elements to reduce stress, get in shape and restore balance to your life


The New Love Triangle – The process of becoming whole by learning to love yourself, others and your day

  • Fill the Love void in your life by utilizing the practical action steps of The New Love Triangle and improve every facet of your life


Many other topics are available such as:

  • Recalibrate Your Life to Live Your Essence
  • The Poetry of Life
  • Life++
  • It’s Not SEX
  • Practical Spirituality

“Career change is an important decision in one’s life that is not only professional but also very personal.   Allen’s approach to career change that combines logic and emotion, weaves in personal stories, and honors each individual’s motivations and barriers is exactly what we needed at DePaul University’s Career Week.  Our students and alumni left the session inspired, motivated, and more confident in the next step in their journey.”

– Gina Sian, Program Director | Alumni Sharing Knowledge (ASK) | DePaul University