Happiness is single-threaded. - Allen Vaysberg
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Happiness is single-threaded.

Happiness is single-threaded.

The modern world seems to be all about speed and power of processing.  The computer chips are getting faster and faster and able to multitask to no end.  Hyper-thread this, quad-core that.  We, as humans, also find ourselves caught in this game.  We are urging ourselves and all around us to be more productive, think quicker, work more efficiently.  We take pride in being able to drink coffee while driving the car while listening to the news while texting our friends about what we are currently hearing.  And then we take pills to relax while worrying about worrying. 

Why do we feel the need to overload?  What will happen if we just do one thing at a time?  Will we become obsolete?  Will we be fired from our jobs, will our loved ones replace us, will we have enough to say around the water-cooler if we don’t watch every episode?  How can we find happiness and peace with senses firing in every direction?  Truth is happiness is single-threaded!

Stop programming yourself and instead remove the clutter.  When you take a bath (if you ever allow yourself to take such a non-productive thing) don’t take it with an iPad. When you drive….(gulp…) just drive.  Turn off the music or the news and just listen, look around (carefully) and see the world you are living in.  Allow yourself to BE.  Allow computers to be hyper-threaded so YOU DON’T HAVE TO!  Enjoy each moment.  Live life as if you love it and all the things you seek that come into existence you will actually see and not miss being the busy, hyper-threaded you.    

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