Set Direction - Allen Vaysberg
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Role Explanation

Pure Coaching

You’re the driver. You wish to work through something and it is my job to create the space and ask relevant questions. This facilitates the process of you gaining an insight and coming up with the answers. I do not tell you what to do, I am there to assist you in figuring out what you choose to do.


You ask for support and advice. I provide both and help you uncover the root cause of the matter. We work together to remove blocks, create strategies and enable long term healing. I provide opinion on what you should do and support you through the process.


You seek my specific expertise. We understand your issue at hand and I use my knowledge in order to help you solve it. I offer best practices and create a framework you can use in the future to address similar concerns. I tell you what to do and how to do it based on my knowledge.

Intuitive Guidance

You wish to get an answer through Spirit. I use my psychic, channeling and mediumship abilities to seek guidance from Angels and other Beings of Light to relay information back to you. Information is coming through me not from me.


Life Purpose

Who am I and why am I here? We answer those questions through a blend of Introspection, Coaching and Intuitive Guidance.

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Health & Wellness

You are looking for ways to reduce Stress, lose Weight and get back to being at Peace. We use a holistic lifestyle modification approach called “SEAMLESS Method” in order to help you achieve it.

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Career Change

Your career choice no longer aligns with who you are but you aren’t sure how to make the change mid-stream. We use Career 180 framework to assist in the successful transition.

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Love & Relationships

You feel a void of Love in your life.  We fill it and make you whole again using the techniques of the New Love Triangle and 3 types of Love.

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