Dog – a catalyst to a SEAMLESS life. - Allen Vaysberg
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Dog – a catalyst to a SEAMLESS life.

Dog – a catalyst to a SEAMLESS life.

Growing up I always dreamed of having a dog. I begged my parents, I came up with contracts of how I will take care of it, I gave reasons for why it is so good for my overall development but always got shut down because it wasn’t the right time. My childhood dream eventually gave way to moving to US, adjusting to a new life, growing up, choosing a career, meeting a loved one and starting a family. But, like everything in life, the cycle returned once I got a child of my own.

My daughter went through the same stages as me in asking us for a dog since she was 2. We, the responsible busy adults, explained to her that it was just not the right time. 8 years later she succumbed to a feeling that it just wasn’t going to happen. Looking into my daughter’s sad eyes and seeing myself in her made me want to break the cycle.

Meantime, my wife felt drawn to a dog she saw at a local shelter and asked if we wanted to rescue him. Timing was horrible, we were about to begin remodeling our house, were going on vacation soon, very busy at work, winter coming, etc. etc. etc. but seeing my wife and daughter’s excitement I said yes. Last Sunday, we rescued a beautiful Ridgeback mix and gave him a home. The surreal feeling of having a dog soon dissipated and became a norm. The idea of walking Buddy 3 times per day at 12 degree weather and picking up poop was something to get used to but being licked excitedly every time he sees me more than made up for it.

What I didn’t realize is how incredibly helpful Buddy is with my SEAMLESS lifestyle. The 8 things I do every day (SEAMLESS method) became much simpler just because of him. I now have to go outside 2-3 times per day which gives me fresh air, sunshine, activity, stress relief and ways to practice walking meditation. His excitement and affection towards me takes care of the Love component. Having to research all things dog related allows me to continue to Grow and Expand daily due to new insights. Feeding him grain free foods emphasizes importance of nutrition and acts as a reminder to me. Finally his sleeping habits (all the time J) is yet another cue for me to get plenty of sleep.

Thus, as me and my family finally fulfilled our long awaited childhood dream of having a dog, I gained a catalyst to a SEAMLESS life. So now in thanking you for reading this I say – Put down my blog and get a dog!

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