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If it is Love it will Succeed… by Allen Vaysberg

[caption id="attachment_852" align="alignright" width="300"] Allen Vaysberg, Inspirational Speaker, Motivational Speaker[/caption] All my life I believed in something greater.  In searching for the meaning of my existence I noticed certain trends and patterns in life that were woven in.  Only later I understood what I had an inkling of before and the Law of Attraction and Universal...

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We refuse manipulation!

Man just kills another man Saying God had told him so Is he following God’s plan Or those really in the know? Those who orchestrate events And use up whatever fear Just to get the mass incensed With the words they need to cheer. They don’t care about the kids That get murdered in their wake All they do is place their bids Which just...

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Happiness is single-threaded by Allen Vaysberg

[caption id="attachment_854" align="alignleft" width="300"] Allen Vaysberg, Inspirational Speaker, Motivational Speaker[/caption] The modern world seems to be all about speed and power of processing.  The computer chips are getting faster and faster and able to multitask to no end.  Hyper-thread this, quad-core that.  We, as humans, also find ourselves caught in this game.  We are urging ourselves...

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Allow your body to move and listen, the Universe will guide you!

An incredible thing happened while I was meditating (and I should point out that I have never studied Yoga or meditated regularly). I sat down with my hands on my knees with the palms up and relaxed. Suddenly I felt a strong urge to move my hands in, below the belly button and place them one...

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Ode to Modern Women!

Overworked and underslept, Barely learning to adapt, Diapers, feedings and play dates Constant drama, dirty plates Add on top of that your job, Next door neighbor who’s a snob Parents telling you you’re wrong And your love life – good as gone, Modern woman, hear me roar - “What did I do all this for?”…   …Then...

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