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7 Things You Must Do Before You Say ‘I Quit!’

Feeling trapped in your career is a lot like being trapped in a bad relationship. You've invested in countless years of training and climbing the corporate ladder only to leave you wondering, "How can I possibly get out now?" And then what if you are really good at your job, where your boss loves you, you...

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When Will Cooler Heads Prevail?

Article originally featured on The Huffington Post.   Man just kills another man Saying God had told him so Is he following God's plan Or those really in the know? Those who orchestrate events And use up whatever fear Just to get the mass incensed With the words they need to cheer. They don't care about kids That get murdered in their wake All they do is...

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Find the Love You Always Wanted in 2015

Originally posted on The Huffington Post.   It's the most wonderful time of the year, unless you are out of love. If you feel alone in your relationship all the nostalgic songs playing, romantic movies on TV and family gatherings are salt on the huge heart wound that you are nursing. As you see couples snuggling and...

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The Missing Key To Manifesting.

Originally posted on The OM Times. The never ending stream of thoughts come to you every moment colorfully presented in their confounding tapestry of various topics and concepts.  They artfully swing the pendulum of emotions from ecstatic happiness to desperate loneliness in mere seconds.  The web of seemingly unrelated but yet interconnected thoughts are you constant...

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Dog – a catalyst to a SEAMLESS life.

Growing up I always dreamed of having a dog. I begged my parents, I came up with contracts of how I will take care of it, I gave reasons for why it is so good for my overall development but always got shut down because it wasn’t the right time. My childhood dream eventually gave...

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