How Can I Serve You? - Allen Vaysberg
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How Can I Serve You?

How Can I Serve You?

That one simple question “How can I serve you?” can literally change your life.  The word “literally” is overused but it applies directly here.  It all started with Neale Donald Walsch last year at Celebrate Your Life conference sharing his belief that “your life is not about you…but who you touch and in how you touch them…”

That is a very interesting perspective and contemplating it brought many things to mind.  In our lives we most often think from the perspective of “I”.  What’s in it for me?, as crude as it sounds, seems to be at the core of what we do and how we treat others.  Of course we are taught differently and would like to think of ourselves differently.  But on some level, we will agree that Mother Teresa we are not.

That being said, there appears to be a genuine and easy way that makes putting other’s needs ahead of one’s own attainable.  A simple application of the question “How can I serve you?” before you do anything can help you get out of the Ego and into your Heart.  That in turn has a tremendous number of benefits.  For instance:

Physical effects.  Putting someone else’s needs ahead of yours raises your vibrations which in turn leads to all sorts of health benefits.  Furthermore, you free up the flow of energy throughout the body due to releasing of the blocks that we normally put up so as NOT to harm ourselves (since we most often focus on that and not the other).

Energetic effects.  When you get out of your ego, you come into alignment with your Higher Self which allows for clearer reception of the guidance.  Your energetic makeup changes and so does the way you perceive everything in life.  The paradox of this change is once you focus on serving others you tend to get what’s best for you.

Calming effects.  Irritation ceases because of the switching of focus from what we want/need/like to what the other person likes, thus a dependency on the outcome dissipates and calms you in the process.  You become open to possibilities thus allowing for happiness and joy to enter instead of getting frustrated by not getting exactly what you want.

Parenting.  You often noticed that with kids, you cannot do your work while they are around you otherwise you will not be able to multitask effectively and get very frustrated.  By asking the question you are putting the whole emphasis on them and be fully involved making it more fun for both you and your child.  It also helps you prioritize your own day better.

Relationships.  All the things you don’t like about another person will disperse because it is not about you but rather them.  You will start to appreciate their uniqueness and achieve much greater physical and emotional intimacy.  All of a sudden your partner will open up because they will see the genuine interest in them instead of a passing tolerance we unfortunately exhibit because of our own ambitions.

Career.  Satisfaction from doing something that helps another, no matter what career you are in, will make you a better employee.  You will be a better teammate, attract new clients because everyone will notice a palpable change in your demeanor.  By focusing on them you will undoubtedly help your own growth.

Law of Attraction.  One of the main blocks to attracting is selfish focus.  I want a new car, I want this lottery ticket to be the one, I want this job, etc.  If your focus instead shifts to helping others you will be able to attract much quicker since it serves many not just you.  That is what the Universe and your soul wants thus quickening the process of manifestation.

In truth there are so many other ways that your life could be improved by just reminding yourself of the one simple question “How can I serve you?” periodically.  It is a small change that results in a seismic shift in your consciousness and your life.  Thus a suggestion would be that anytime you find yourself irritated, frustrated, not loved, etc. just ask, “How may I serve you? and see what happens.

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