Allow your body to move and listen, the Universe will guide you! - Allen Vaysberg
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Allow your body to move and listen, the Universe will guide you!

Allow your body to move and listen, the Universe will guide you!

An incredible thing happened while I was meditating (and I should point out that I have never studied Yoga or meditated regularly).

I sat down with my hands on my knees with the palms up and relaxed. Suddenly I felt a strong urge to move my hands in, below the belly button and place them one on top of another with the palms up. In my case, the left hand moved down to support the right and the thumbs touched. I thought cool, I have seen this pose somewhere but why am I doing this – the answer came back immediately and was “We need to center you”. It made perfect sense and I was in that position for a little while. Then I felt that I needed to move my hands up to the chest and to put them together in the prayer position. I followed with my guidance clarifying we are balancing and activating the heart chakra. A short while later “we” moved my hands in the prayer position up to the crown of my head.  The meditation then ended and by looking at the time I saw the whole process took less than 5 minutes which is what I had available before the meeting.

I was amazed the process by which all I did was allow my body to move in whatever way it wanted.  In return I received insight after insight of how and why I was doing so with the “voice” explaining and showing visuals of energy flow.  During those short minutes I apparently had been centered, activated my charkas and restored the flow of energy while also explaining why people pray by bringing their hands to together at their chest.  It made perfect sense and I got up mesmerized.  Later on I went to the web and researched what I was doing to see if I was right in my insights and incredibly I was!

Turns out I started out with what I now know as the Cosmic Mudra which is excellent for silent meditations, allows the mind to go inward, promotes the flow of intuition, insight and awareness and centers you.  Then we moved on to the Anjali Mudra which helps center, focus, release stress and stimulates the chakras you touch (heart, head, third eye, etc.)  This research confirmed the insights I was getting during my meditation and my awe continued.  I didn’t have to sit through a class, or read books or hear gurus talk I could just allow my body to move and listen to my own guidance.  Apparently the “secrets” of the Universe aren’t so secret, all you have to do is allow and listen!

  • sean haitz


    I wanted to reach out to you because the same thing has been happening to me. I have been meditating and without even treing now my hands, arms move into prayer and shake releasing bad feelings I also have heard my higher self talk to me. Please respond to talk more. It is something I never felt. Sean

    June 21, 2014 at 4:58 pm

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