February 2014 - Allen Vaysberg
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February 2014

Happiness is single-threaded.

The modern world seems to be all about speed and power of processing.  The computer chips are getting faster and faster and able to multitask to no end.  Hyper-thread this, quad-core that.  We, as humans, also find ourselves caught in this game.  We are urging ourselves and all around us to be more productive, think...

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How can I serve you?

That one simple question "How can I serve you?" can literally change your life.  I am using the word literally very specifically, thus please allow me to explain.  It all started with Neale Donald Walsch last weekend at Celebrate Your Life conference sharing his belief that "your life is not about you...

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Who’s the Master?

The scene from “The Last Dragon” came to mind this weekend as the shock of hearing Deepak Chopra’s years of scientific research confirm my own findings on how to be healthy started to wear off.  In the scene “Bruce Leroy” was asked by Sho’nuff repeatedly “Who is the Master?” until finally Leroy understood that his...

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5 Additional things your body needs to be healthy

Every time we go on a beach vacation, to Mexico for instance, we end up at an all-inclusive resort.  We love it because everything is taken care of, we don’t need to worry about cooking, or what to do at night because all is provided.  Just relax and recharge for a week or so and...

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